Travel grants

All the travel grants have been reviewed and the following applicants have been rewarded:

First name Last name Institute Country
Ignasi  Azagra University of Barcelona Spain
Andras  Bencsik Semmelweis University Hungary
Nidhi  Bhardwaj  JPNA Trauma Centre India
Julia  Boehme Helmholtz-Zentrum für Infektionsforschung Germany
Steve  Cornick PhD studies  Canada
Isabelle Mazza  Guimarães  Universidade Federal Fluminense Brasil
 Linda (M.E.)  Joosse University of Rotterdam Germany
Verena  Kaestele University of Glasgow UK
Surbhi  Khurana All India Institute of Medical Sciences India
Johannes  Mayer University of Glasgow UK
Catherine  Mooser  University of Bern Switzerland
David  Mzinza Institute for Immunology Germany
Rosita  Rigoni Humanitas Research Hospital in Milan Italy
Anika  Schridde University Hospital Essen, University Duisburg-Essen Germany
Anna  Steinert University Hospital Basel Switzerland
Zita-Rose Manjaly  Thomas   UK
Natalia  Torow University in Aachen Germany

Hongsup  Yoon Technische Universität München Germany
Kaiyi  Zhang  Institute of Medical Microbiology, Uniklinik RWTH Aachen Germany


Travel grant guidelines

20 travel grants of 350 EUR have been sponsored by the European Federation of Immunological Societies.

1. Conditions of application
Ph.D students and early career postdocs (within 2 years of Ph.D) that submit abstracts for the 10th EMIG meeting are eligible to apply for travel grants.

Application for travel grants are made by sending a specific email to the conference secretariat (Lene Kaspersen, with a maximum of 100 words about why you feel you should receive a grant. Travel grants selection will be made by the conference organizing committee and will be based on the application and the quality of the submitted abstract.

Deadline for travel grant applications is the same as the abstract submission deadline.

2. Payment

The travel grant consists of a reimbursement of the expenses needed to attend the EMIG meeting. The amount of the travel grant is 350 euros.